Belt Ranking in ACTIVSTARS

ACTIVSTARS has a unique ranking system consisting of twenty-seven belts from white to black. Our ranking system in no way reflects the ranking system of any one particular style. All instructional methods, procedures and systems are geared towards children and teens.

ACTIVSTARS philosophy for teaching belt ranks is divided into three phases (Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced). Beginner ranks include white thru green w/blue stripe belts; Intermediate ranks include blue thru purple w/ orange stripe belts; High or Advanced ranks includes orange belts & above.

The primary objective for beginner rank students is to teach safety awareness and basic self-defense techniques. The secondary objective for beginner students is to teach the formal aspects of martial arts such as basic techniques (strikes, kicks, blocks, stances). Perfection of techniques is not required for promotional testing of beginner ranks. Teaching children how to stay safe in today’s world is the objective.

At intermediate ranks, the primary objective becomes improving basic techniques such as kicks, blocks, strikes, and defense against grabs and other attacks. Basic kata knowledge, beginning one step skills, improved concentration, and a greater demonstration of martial arts discipline are expected at this level also.

The primary objective for advanced rank students is to enforce the formal aspect of the martial art; blocks, kicks, strikes, stances, kata, self-defense techniques, one-steps, sparring, martial art etiquette, and discipline. The secondary objective for high ranking students is reviewing safety awareness topics. Promotional testing for high ranking students is based upon effectively demonstrating proper technique and form of the primary objectives.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Students must have perfect attendance in order to test for rank promotion.

Belt Ranking System

For intermediate and high ranking students to achieve the next full belt color, they must pass through three levels of knowledge. Understand that each earned level is a passing rank. A belt with a colored band that runs the length of the belt represents each level. Level one, is represented by a white band, level two by a black band, and level three by a band being the color of the next full rank. At each level students will receive the next colored belt curriculum. The following chart explains what percentage of techniques the students must know for each level:

  • Level One (Belt with White Band) 10% – 25%
  • Level Two (Belt with Black Band) 25% – 50%
  • Level Three (Belt with next color Band) 50% – 75%
  • Next Full Colored Belt 75% – 100%

It may take several semesters to pass from level one to the next colored belt. Due to varying semester lengths (such as summer) instructors may only be able to teach a percentage of the required curriculum.

Beginner Ranks   Intermediate Ranks Advanced Ranks
White Blue Orange
Yellow Blue / White Orange / White
Green Blue / Black Orange / Black
Green / White Blue / Purple Orange / Red
Green / Black Purple Red
Green / Blue Purple / White Red / White
Purple / Black Red / Black
Purple /Orange Red / Brown
Brown / White
Brown / Red
Brown / Black

Rank Promotion

At the end of each semester, students are evaluated on the techniques and skills they have learned. Students then advance to the next belt rank. The advancement fee is $12.00 plus the class fee. The fee is for testing only; belts and awards will be awarded free of charge. (Most karate studios charge anywhere from $30 to $150.) The normal lesson fee is still required the day of testing.