Purple Belt One Steps

Continuing to learn how to appropriately apply karate strikes, blocks and kicks  is key to advanced learning.  The One Steps allow you to demonstrate a combination of moves to stop a threat.  To earn Orange Belt, the YCOA student should know these six one steps, in addition to the Blue Belt One Steps as demonstrated in the video below. Click through to see the video. Continue reading

Purple Belt Requirements


Purple belt begins the Advanced karate studies and can take several more semesters study beyond Blue belt.  Blue belt students working toward Purple belt will begin to learn controlled falling techniques – ukemi – and earn their ‘falls’ merit badge. During Blue belt the student is also expected to know full uniform care including tying the belt and will earn their Uniform merit badge.  They also begin learning ‘one steps‘ – real world techniques to stop an attacker from hitting them.  Please find the full curriculum below in PDF format including the required Kata, Self Defense and One Steps.


Taikyoku Nidan Embusen (Map) – Refer to the karate workbook pages 112 and 113.  Taikyoku Nidan is the same as Taikyoku Shodan except moves 6, 7, 8, 14, 15 & 16 are high punches.  (Down the middle are high punches).

Empty Hand Kata #3 Taikyoku Sandan –

Embusen (Map).  Note: Taikyoku Sandan is the same as Taikyoku Nidan except outside blocks are in a backstance and are a side block instead of a low block.

Wushu Broadsword Kata #1 Embusen (Map)

– Written instructions for Broadsword 1 kata.


The videos linked below should assist your learning.

Wushu Broadsword 1 Kata video


Wushu Broadsword 1 Kata video – Mirror Image

– This works well when the TV subject is facing you.  It does not work well when the subjects back is to you.

Purple Belt Self-Defense Video


Purple Belt One-Steps Video