Blue Belt One Steps

Applying your karate appropriately is key to advanced learning.  The One Steps allow you to demonstrate a combination of moves to stop a threat.  To earn Purple Belt, the YCOA student should know these six one steps as demonstrated in the video below.

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Blue Belt Self Defense

While in Green Belt, the student will review the following six self defense moves for their Blue Belt test.

You may also read the list of all Self Defense moves.

Blue Belt Requirements

To advance to Blue Belt, students will need to master basic curriculum, six self-defense breakaways, their first empty hand kata (Taikyoku Shodan embusen is available in the workbook) and Staff Kata 1 (or previously Fan Kata 1) (Video links available below).   Blue belt progression from green often takes 2, or more semesters to complete, depending on the maturity, focus and at-home practice the student completes. Please find the complete requirements below in PDF format.  Click the link below for a required list of basics to be mastered.


Below is the Green belt to Blue belt curriculum daily practice video.  Self-defense and weapons kata videos are farther down on the page.

The above video is correlated with the green to blue belt curriculum (See above). Number one is the first block, strike and kick on the Belt Rank Curriculum.

Previously, we have had green belts learn Wushu Fan Kata 1. Due to a shortage of quality fans at what we feel is a reasonable price, this semester we will be focusing on Wushu Staff Kata 1. Please view the embedded video below.

Staff Kata One focuses on basic staff moves to prepare for more advanced staff katas.  The above video appears as if you were watching it be performed.

Mirror image can be a great tool for students practicing in front of a monitor or TV.  The student moves the same direction as the picture.

Wushu Staff Kata Embusen (Map) Click on this link for a map of Staff Kata 1.

Note: While we are not formally teaching Fan Kata to students this semester, there are students that have previously worked on fan kata and may want to perform it at tournament.  For this reason, we have left it on the website.

Fan Kata 1


Fan Kata 1 – Mirror Image

Students can practice in front of the computer or TV.  This works well when the TV subject is facing you.  It does not work well when the subjects back is to you.

Taikyoku Shodan

(First Empty Hand Kata) Embusen (Map) is available in the Karate Workbook on Pages 112 & 113.  Additional kata information is available on Pgs. 111 – 116.

Wushu Fan Kata Embusen (Map) –

This is the Embusen for Wushu Fan Kata 1.


Green Belt Self-Defense

Self-Defense moves to move from Green to Blue belt.