Black Belt Requirements

…a man strives initially in the martial arts to become a “Black Belt” in karate to learn to fight. But as his training progresses he should become aware of a stronger calling, the molding of himself into a better person, not only in fighting ability but also in dignity and honor. This has traditionally been the goal of the martial arts student. The black belt is an award or honor given to the modern knight or samurai who has sacrificed many hours in disciplining and honing his body and mind to achieve the epitome of physical and mental attainment. The black belt is the symbol of an expert.

Originally, the ranking system was established to provide a series of levels by which students could measure their progress. The first black belt awarded for karateka is known as a “Sho-dan”.

This means the student has mastered the basics of the art and is now ready for a more advanced form of training.

by Master Hidetaka Nishiyama

The Black Belt is your goal as a student.  You have learned the basics and are now ready to become an advanced student, then to begin sharing your skills with the younger and weaker.

The Black Belt test is by Sensei recommendation only, and is conducted in front of a panel of judges.  You must demonstrate at least 30 self-defense and 30 one-step moves, along with 10 kata, sparring, and the entire curriculum. This is the final rank listed in this curriculum sequence and may take many years to be prepared for.  Please find below a PDF link containing the final requirements for your black belt.